About Us

AgFirst Land Management Solutions have been operating in all Southern Tasmanian regions providing honest and reliable farm contracting services to the farming community since 2005.

Run by local Tasmanian Stephen Reynolds, the business offers a unique range of services to assist farmers and producers make the most out of their Agricultural Enterprises.

AgFirst also has a range of property management options to take the hassle out of managing and maintaining a property. Such options can include:

  • Complete pasture management plans
  • Pasture Renovation or Replacement
  • Fencing Projects

offers a full range of contracting services including but not limited to:

  • Deep Ripping and Ploughing
  • Power Harrowing - with or without mounted Pneumatic disc drill
  • Seed Broadcasting and Fertiliser Spreading
  • Rotary Hoeing and Row Mounding
  • Slashing, Flail Mowing and Pasture Aeration
  • All Hay, Silage and Straw operations
  • Chemical and Organic Spraying
  • Front Loader Operations
  • Post Ramming and all types of Fencing

By promoting Microbial activity in the soil, deep ripping to overcome soil compaction, and cutting out all chemical fertilsers and sprays, we are able to offer cost effective solutions to produce healthy and nutritious crops and pastures. Often it is thought that a good pasture can be identified by looks, but as we learn more we begin to discover that there is far more to it than that.

To begin a pasture management plan, AgFirst uses several tools to establish a base line. Soil samples are taken and sent to the lab for a full work up. pH is measured and monitored, as well as Brix readings. An interesting article on Brix readings can be found here - http://www.themeterman.com.au/interview.php

As the plan is implemented, we try to use only approved organic inputs.

AgFirst are very competent in Hay and Silage production. We know how much a bale of Silage should weigh, and how much a bale of hay should weigh. You won''t find any light or loose bales from us!

We understand how crucial timing is when it comes to forage production, letting Silage wilt for just a few hours too long can have huge consequences when the bales are fed out. We also know the difference between hay and straw, and firmly believe that hay should not be over dried.

AgFirst have square hay for sale, grown on our property in Margate. These paddocks are managed using biological methods, and produce absolutely top quality hay (or so we’ve been told by our very satisfied customers!).

AgFirst constantly strive to achieve the highest standards, always learning and re-educating. We will complete any task on your property to a standard that exceeds your expectations, every time.


Phone Stephen on 0410 996 359